Explore Holderness this week with Countryfile

Matt, Anita and John are in Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Matt is on Spurn Point, or rather Spurn Island - the country's newest, formed by the big storm surge of 2013.

3rd April 2017
sprun point

He meets the RNLI crew whohad to relocate further up the coast as a result and then goes on manoeuvres with them 'sniffing the channels' as they look for safe passages around the point.

Anita finds out how Spurn's wildlife has responded in the wake of the surge, and she meets the next generation of birdwatchers helping to spot the rare species on display.

John is on Sunk Island, an area of rich farmland attached to the mainland but which once stood cut off in the Humber. He is there with photographer Fiona Caley, who is recording this mysterious landscape and the farming communities who live there.

Adam helps a friend choose some rare breed white park cattle.

And when milk quotas ended two years ago, some dairy farmers here and across Europe thought the sky was the limit. But in the Netherlands that has suddenly changed, and it could be a cautionary tale for us in the UK as Tom Heap finds out.


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