Explore Suffolk this week with Countryfile

Matt Baker hears about the plans the Suffolk Wildlife Trust are making with their biggest ever land purchase in the charity's 55 years. He'll also meet the dog ambassadors teaching good practice for owners and their four-legged friends when out in the countryside around wildlife and cattle.

8th May 2017
View of Herringfleet Mill in Suffolk/Getty

Ellie's on a farm run by the community and fuelled by other peoples' waste! Dredgings from the bottom of a property developer's pond help fertilise the fields; hazel poles for the runner beans are scraps from a woodland project and the pigs get fed on left over barley from the local brewery. She'll also meet a craftsman making bread saws out of locally 'spalted' wood.

To celebrate National Mills Weekend John Craven visits Bardwell, a fine example of the 500 or so windmills that once dotted throughout the county and meets the Wooster family and explores their love affair with their 'Forth Bridge' of windmills and see what work has gone into getting it - almost - up and running again.

Tom Heap investigates the 21st-century egg thieves who are putting some of our rarest species of birds at risk.

Earlier this year we asked for nominations for young farmers who our viewers felt deserved special recognition. It was a tricky task but Adam and Charlotte managed to draw up a shortlist of three and tonight we have the first of those finalists.


Main image: View of Herringfleet Mill in Suffolk/Getty

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