Where is Countryfile visiting this week and what time is it on?

This week the Countryfile team explores the delights of Cornwall, including a no-waste food festival, a campaign to save traditional language, and a look at our right to roam

16th October 2017
Countryfile TV show soybean field

Where is BBC Countryfile this week?

The team are in Cornwall this week, and John meets the organiser of an unusual food festival at Nancarrow Farm. The 1000 Mouths event spans four nights, where local chefs will cook for 1000 guests from one Red Ruby Devon cow. Using all of the animal means nothing is wasted.

Margehrita meets Chrissie Gittins, a poet and author who's campaigning to stop traditional words disappearing from children's language, and Cornish artist David Hosking returns to the farm where he was born for the first time in 45 years. 

Margehrita also chats to the owners of a vineyard who found their land was better for grapevines than farming, and Adam investigates whether soya could be the crop of the future for British arable farmers.

​The public rights of way: should it be removed?

The team also looks at calls to suspend public rights of way, because of the rising number of dog attacks on livestock. Tom considers how will it affect our right to roam.

What time is BBC Countryfile on BBC One?

This week BBC Countryfile is on at 18:15 on Sunday 22nd October.

Main image: Soybean field at sunrise / Credit: Getty

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