How to make tin candles

Keep cosy on the stormiest of days by lighting homemade candles – make them this month to present as gifts at Christmas

5th December 2016


• one 15cm wick

• one wick holder

• one tin can

• 750g soy wax flakes

• essential oils (optional)

Glass jars or old tea cups can also make nice candle holders. Illustration: Alan Bately

1. Insert the wick into a wick holder and place in the centre of the bottom of an old, clean tin can (make sure it’s one without serrated edges). 

2. In a pan over medium heat, melt the wax flakes and mix thoroughly, adding a few drops of essential oil if you wish. Heat to 90°C.

3. Anchor the wick in the bottom of the tin by pouring in enough wax to cover a few centimetres of the wick. Allow the wax to cool for about 30 minutes. 

4. Wrap the end of the wick around a stick or pencil and rest the stick on the top of the tin, taking up any slack in the wick as you do so. 

5. Reheat the wax to 90°C and fill the tin to within 2cm of the top. Cool overnight. Trim the wick to a centimetre. Your candle is ready to light.


Alternatively, reuse jam jars or pretty tea cups as candle holders. 

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