Christmas crafts: Quick and easy gifts to make this festive season

Give the shops a miss and craft some simple Christmas gifts instead. They're fun to make, and totally unique too. Here you will find plenty of ideas on how to make traditional and rustic gifts for your friends and family this festive season.

3rd November 2017
Iced Christmas biscuits

Make your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper

Rather than buying bundles of gift cards and wrapping paper, why not create your own countryside-inspired festive designs and send your family and friends hand-crafted greetings this Christmas?

Make a stylish pyramid card

Pyramid card
This unusual Christmas pyramid card is quick to make

Use woodblock printing for a mistletoe and holly card

Mistletoe cards
Woodblock printing creates a rustic effect

Craft a seasonal reindeer card

Reindeer card
Channel Scandi style with this reindeer-themed card

How to make a leaf print card

Christmas leaf card
Celebrate nature with a simple leaf print design

Create your own wrapping paper and gift tags

woodblock wrapping paper
Create unique festive wrapping paper and tags with this fun tutorial

Bake some spiced Christmas biscuits

Hang tempting treats from the tree with this super-simple recipe from BBC Good Food, perfect for making with kids. 

Christmas biscuits
Personalise your home-backed Christmas biscuits with some fun icing designs

Make a wooden tic tac toe set

Whatever your age, everyone loves a game of noughts and crosses – and this traditional Tic-Tac-Toe game is ideal to play at a festive gathering. Click through to make your own set.

Tic tac toe set
Showcase the simple beauty of wood with a hand made tic tac toe set

Craft a rustic Christmas bauble

Create this simple but beautiful gift for a loved one by following our easy guide to making your own tree decorations.

Rustic Christmas bauble
Why not go on a winter forage for the contents of these easy-to-make rustic baubles?

Make simple festive candles

Keep cosy on the stormiest of days by lighting homemade candles – make them in advance to present as gifts at Christmas.

tin candles
Candles make a great present to fill the house with festive cheer


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